Springtime, New Shoes and Volleyball Lessons…

The first day of Spring – with its promise of new life – seems like a good day to write you and give you an update on the progress of my “new shoes”.

(If you don’t know what I am referring to, check out my last postcard here: http://archive.aweber.com/sa_news_12_ess/DcQ2G

You may not know this but I’m a pretty good athlete – a fact that used to get me into trouble – especially when it came to pick-up games of volleyball at the beach, on picnics or in school.  Because, of course, not everyone in those games WAS a good athlete.  So I would try to cover for them – to help them out when the ball was coming their way.  Of course, this meant I had to leave MY position on the court.  I’d be scrambling and running all over the place helping people out until, inevitably, the ball was hit to where I was supposed to be – only I wasn’t there.  My trying to help everyone didn’t really help at all.  I’d be caught out of position when it was my turn to help – and so any “help” I had given wound up costing my team.

I share this story with you today because, in more ways than I like admit, I have been doing the same thing in my business the past 20+ years.   I have been trying to be “all things to all people”.   (Abundance is a great topic for that. LOL!)  In trying to be all things to all people, I have not been “in position” to help the people I am best qualified to help and, in truth, am called to support.

Looking back, I can see now that the reason I did it in my business is the same reason I ran all over the volleyball court.   Because I wanted to be the hero.  Because being able to help everyone out and play all positions made me feel better about myself.  Because I was afraid to lose.  Because I wanted to be in control.

After all, if I didn’t do this work or if I didn’t say “yes” to this person or didn’t take this client, I might not have the income I need to live – right?

Underneath all of it – in volleyball and my business – I was afraid to trust.  I was afraid to trust God and others. I was afraid to trust myself and the process of Life.  I didn’t know (or trust) that all I have to do is play the part (aka “position”) that is mine to play (what I love to do and am best at doing) and let others play the part they are here to play (and best suited for.)

But now I am no longer afraid to trust.  I’m not afraid so afraid to lose.  Nor am I afraid to win.  Going forward, I will no longer attempt to be all things for all people…a jack-of-all-trades coach but master of none.   You’ll begin to see this change… and me “stepping into the position” I was born to play in the weeks and months ahead.  And just to give you a hint: I will be talking about God and money a lot more… and your relationship with both as well as yourself.  

In doing so,  I realize that you may no longer relate or resonate (or even like) “my new shoes”.    If so, I get it.  It’s okay.  You have your path to follow and I have mine.   What we have in common is that both of our paths lead to Abundance.  So know that I thank you for having traveled with me for as long or short of a time as you have… and I bless you as you continue your own Journey of Abundance.

On the other hand, you may resonate with my new direction and message more powerfully than you ever did my “all things to all people” message.   If so, that’s great!  I’m glad.  And all I can say is “buckle your seat belt” because we’re going to go on QUITE the ride!

But enough about me…  Now it’s your turn.

Because you are here and because you have read this all the way to the end, I firmly believe and trust that there was something in what I shared about myself that resonated with you.  That was a “mirror up” for you.  That touched your heart or challenged you where you are at in your life right now.

I’d love to hear what that was if you are willing to share.    In sharing it, not only do you get to claim it and anchor it in more deeply, you also get to experience connection – which sure as heck beats going it alone and trying to do it all yourself.

After all, volleyball is a TEAM sport, right?

Well, guess what?

So is LIFE!!!  🙂