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As the founder and President of a growing direct sales party plan company, we are always seeking out high-quality, content-rich speakers and trainers.  We recently held our annual convention where we hired Teresa Romain to come in as a trainer.     This was the third time we brought Teresa in for one of our major events because in my opinion, she is one of the best and most effective trainers in the industry.  Her training approach is direct, impactful, fun, and enlightening.  Most importantly, the impact of her training lasts long beyond the event.   I have watched as several of my key leaders transformed before my eyes as Teresa skillfully took them through the steps of her system and training.    Teresa not only uses easy to implement and duplicable tools in her training, but she always does it with humor and flair.  I highly recommend Teresa for a major conference as well as smaller leadership events.  She never disappoints!

 Mary Beth Guillaume
Founder and President, Lionne Designs


Teresa Romain captures her audiences with a masterful combination of entertainment and life-changing content. If you are looking for a speaker who can be the catalyst for positive shifts within the inner workings of your sales force, then Teresa is the one you want. Her ability to get to the heart of what blocks success can turn the simplest of keynote presentations into a pivotal moment for all those who are present.

 Jane Deuber
International Speaker, Business Strategist, Author, Coach
President, Jane Deuber International


For every company that wants to offer the best in educational trainer and speaker resources for their independent distributors, Teresa Romain is a “must-have” addition to a national convention, regional conference, or leadership retreat.

Over the past several years I have had the pleasure of witnessing Teresa’s presentation first-hand, and have seen the results of those embracing her programs.    I have observed huge “slap in the forehead” awakenings that, as an executive, you want to see happening within your staff and field, and these awakenings have carried forward in the audience’s professional and personal life.   I have worked with Teresa as a co-presenter. I have been a member of her audience.  As a company executive I have used her as a Speaker/Trainer.  I have recommended Teresa to those companies whom, as a Business Consultant, I advise.   Why?  Teresa is identifiable to her audience and her programs are actionable.

Teresa has the rare ability to both mesmerize and fully engage her audience in her trainings – which is one of the reasons her trainings have such a lasting impact on people. The principles she teaches and the concrete and practical tools and actions steps she offers for breaking out of the scarcity patterns that sabotage success are, in my opinion, an essential part of the training all direct sellers need.   Her message is one that equally applies to and impacts those at the top of the compensation plan as well as those just starting out.   I will continue to recommend Teresa as a speaker, trainer and coach whenever I have the opportunity.   She is one of the best!

 Linda D. Lucas
(Now Retired)
Former President – Allura Designs
Former Director of Consultant Development – Daisy Blue Naturals
Former International Director Area Chapter Program: The Direct Selling Women’s Alliance
Former Business Consultant – Interim Executive
Former VP Sales and Marketing – Artful Décor
Former VP Sales and Marketing – Barefoot Parties


It is with great respect that I write this to you, Teresa.  As our keynote speaker for Daisy Blue Naturals, you delivered exactly what you promised, and more!  Your ability to connect with our Consultants at all levels was inspiring, and it is exciting to hear and see the results that have transpired because of you!  Not only do our consultants have more confidence in their business, they have a better understanding of how their own ‘self talk’ does and will affect the results they receive in their business, and how they can recognize this ‘self talk’ and change the behavior!  The energy and excitement you brought to our Convention was contagious, and I am looking forward to working with you again in the future!

Jena Thompson
President & CEO
Daisy Blue Naturals


For the past 25+ years I have been a full-time network marketer and have built successful teams of hundreds of thousands of distributors worldwide.  I’ve also been a student of personal growth and success principles since the early 1980s – including EST to Tony Robbins and everything in-between.

For the past eight years, Teresa Romain has been a regular trainer for my team – both on my national training calls and in live events.   I continue to be blown away by her ability to teach abundance principles and share simple, practical practices that can be implemented immediately to produce results.   Her style is fun and refreshing.  Her live trainings and workshops are experiential and help create fundamental change at a cellular level – where all lasting change must begin.  Teresa is brilliant, very intuitive and quick-witted, with an incisive grasp on abundance principles.  She is truly  a one-of-a-kind trainer.  She has personally coached, trained and inspired hundreds of my distributors.  This woman knows how to create results!  She is a rare gift.

Margie Aliprandi
Crown Diamond Distributor — Neways International


Of all the voices, tapes and words that seek to support “the dream of owning your own business in the direct selling profession”, Teresa Romain’s passion for embracing and amplifying clarity around the reality of money is critically important for us all to hear. She deeply understands that “dreams of success” without a foundation of clear attitudes and consistent “reality-based” behavior with money are at high risk of failure.

Her dedication to helping people discover the abundance they already have through her training and programs (especially The Debt-FREE Direct Seller™ Training Programs)  supports reality- based thinking and actions better than anyone else we’ve found serving the profession. Sharing time with Teresa ought to be a 101 basic requirement for anyone in this business – which is why we so strongly promoted her being one of the keynote speakers at our Watkins Conference.   She didn’t disappoint!

Barb and Clem Birch
Gold Executive Directors – Watkins Inc.



Teresa has an amazing way of bringing unparalleled energy, honesty, and humor to her audience as she supports them to look inside themselves.  She helps to create an atmosphere for breakthroughs that are life-changing and practical!  She helps to move the “all or nothings” into “somethings” and creates a fun interactive arena for learning.  More than once, I have witnessed her help our Associates and her audience move out of scarcity and into abundance in a way that empowers them to create a life they desire with harmony & consistency – while having a blast doing it!  She has an amazing heart and passion to help others reach what is most important to them.  She is amazing, authentic, and one of the best speakers I have heard!  She has changed the lives of our associates, my family, and myself!

Becky Spieth
The Direct Sales Specialist and
Former Field Development Manager for Jafra Cosmetics

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