Interested in having me speak at your event?

Since speaking to groups – large or small – is one of the things I love to do the most, I would LOVE to explore that possibility with you.

So let me begin by telling you a little bit about me as a speaker by sharing how an attendee at one conference described me.


“Teresa Romain is a dynamic, energetic and “out of the box” transformational speaker and trainer who WAKES UP her audience – literally and figuratively. I know she woke me up, that’s for sure!  Best of all, after waking me up to the subconscious scarcity that has been limiting me, she showed me how to build a foundation for experiencing abundance and success in all areas of my life that were simple and concrete, practical and powerful.   The result?  My business is more profitable and my life has become richer and more fulfilling.”

I loved hearing that – because my passion really IS  “waking up” people to their innate ability to prosper personally, financially  and, in the case of entrepreneurs and direct sellers, professionally.   In all of the presentations and training I do, my goal is to inspire and support people to recognize and break free from “The Tyranny of Not Enough” and the resulting “Cycle of Scarcity” that sabotages them, their actions and their results.  In other words, to support people to access and experience abundance more and more in their businesses and their lives.

So here are a couple of more things you might want to know about me as a potential speaker for your event…

I customize my presentation for you!

I also believe that all good training must be customized for the audience, event and the needs of the company or event organizer.  That’s why I don’t have a list of  “canned” speeches or presentations that I give.   Rather, I prefer to talk with you so that I can hear what you want your audience to learn and experience from the speaker you hire for your event.  If I don’t think it’s something I can deliver, I will say so – up front.  And I might be able to recommend a speaker who can.

Similarly, each topic and each event is different  – and will require a different investment on my part in terms of time, energy and expense.  So rather than have a “one size fits all” speaker fee, I will work with you to customize my fees based on the training you want me to provide as well as your event budget.

I make myself available to attendees for most (if not all) of  your LIVE event!

You see, I like to be available as much as possible That’s why, if you book me as a speaker or trainer at your LIVE event, I will do everything I can to be present for your entire event and, more importantly, be available to the people who are attending the event.  I have found that being available to meet and interact with attendees individually and informally – during breaks and meals – gives me the opportunity to support them even more and, as a result, have their experience at your event be even more valuable and more memorable for all who attend.

I go for the AHAs that last!

In my experience, all good training creates “AHA” moments for people – both during the presentation and AFTER.  And it often leads to future questions – which is why I like to be available at a LIVE event as much as possible to answer the questions and celebrate the AHAs of the attendees.  It’s also why my proposals usually include support for attendees AFTER the event.   While some may consider me to be an inspirational speaker, my real commitment is to be a transformational speaker – so that the people at your event experience real growth and transformation in one or more areas of their lives as a result of attending.

I’m available for both LIVE and virtual events!

And I have a ton of experience with both since I’ve been doing both LIVE events and teleclasses since 1996.   And, while my preference will always be to work with people LIVE because I can create  “muscle memories” for them that are not possible virtually – my style and my ability to “wake people up” and create transformation is no less powerful when I’m giving a teleclass or some other virtual event.  Besides, I understand that virtual events are often easier for your audience to access – not to mention the fact that they might be more affordable for you budget-wise.

I work with groups of all size – large and small!

And I value them equally.  So, no matter the size of your event or audience, if it sounds like I might be a “fit” for you, please don’t hesitate to contact me to explore that possibility and see how and if I might be able to work with you!

Just give me a call at 608-432-2956 or fill out the form below to send me an email  to get things started!   I look forward to exploring a possible partnership that will make your next training event or conference a transformational, prosperous and memorable one for all who attend!

Oh… and if you want to read what past clients have said about me as a speaker, you can do that here .

And if you want to know some of the speaking events I’ve done over the years, go here .

I look forward to hearing from you!

With MUCH gratitude~




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