She felt like an idiot… (Angie’s Story)


She was crying as she told me…

“I feel like an idiot because I have allowed this to happen again.”  

The “it” Angie was referring to was the mountain of debt she and her husband had accumulated – AGAIN.  

Quite frankly, she was freaking out about it.  

They were able to make their payments and had never been late on any bills, but she was feeling the pressure.  Her husband didn’t like to deal with money, so it fell on Angie’s shoulders to handle it.   She was busting her butt working her business – thinking that making more money would solve everything.   But that only created more fear and stress.  

Still with tears (and terror) in her eyes, she cried, “I’m afraid of what will happen if I can’t make a go of my business.  What I am I going to do then?  We can’t keep running up the credit cards like this.” 

Money was RUNNING Angie’s life.  So was fear.  

And Angie was approaching all of it just like she approached Navy boot camp.  She was working her butt off – trying to keep all the balls in the air and everyone happy. Everyone, that is, except herself.

One year later, Angie paints a completely different picture of her life and her finances.  You’ll hear her use words like “excited”, “confident”, “proud”, “grateful”, “empowered”, “supported” and “happy”

Instead of growing, her credit card debt has dropped significantly and she AND her husband are working TOGETHER and have a plan for it to disappear completely – once and for all.    

Angie no longer feels the pressure of being alone in having to deal with money.  More importantly, her life doesn’t feel like boot camp any more.  

Her journey from embarrassment and shame and feeling like an idiot to now feeling powerful, peaceful and free is so inspiring that I asked her if she’d be willing to share it with others.  I’m delighted (and proud) to say that she has generously (and courageously) agreed.   

I think her story, straight from her mouth, will support and empower you as well – because what she has both learned AND “unlearned” this past year will be “golden nuggets” that you can apply in your own life.  

Which is why I’m inviting you to join Angie and me via Facebook-LIVE on Monday, February 18th at 1:00 p.m. Central time – so you can hear her share her Journey of Abundance this past year.   You can join us

And if you absolutely can’t make it LIVE, be sure to check out the replay!  

I hope you’ll join us!