Putting on her big girl panties wasn’t the answer! (Melissa’s Story)

Melissa was the poster child for the attitude “you just put on your big girl panties and deal with it.”

That is what she had been telling herself for YEARS as she tried valiantly to turn her families’ finances  around – all by herself.

It didn’t work– she couldn’t keep up.

She began having panic attacks, wasn’t sleeping well and was always stressed – all the while acting like everything was fine.

Knowing she is a creative, intelligent and powerful woman, she felt all the more frustrated and ashamed.  “What is my problem?” was the mantra that kept repeating in her head.   She knew WHAT to do and she WANTED to do it.  God knows, she had tried – at least in short bursts of desperation-fueled willpower.

But that’s the problem with willpower. It’s not sustainable – so it doesn’t permanently change anything.

Melissa thought “putting her big girl panties on and dealing with it” meant she just had to work harder.  That if she worked hard enough, she’d be able to deal with and solve the problems by herself.  So that’s what she kept trying to do – until the panic attacks began.

That’s when she took the ONE action that scared the crap out of her.  

She asked for help.

It meant admitting that she couldn’t keep going like she was.  It felt like admitting failure.

In truth, it was the beginning of REAL freedom and empowerment.

You see, Melissa didn’t need to put on her big girl panties at all. What she needed was to be heard, to be accepted, to be understood, to be supported. She needed to know she wasn’t alone and she didn’t have to deal with it all by herself.

And once she got those things – along with some clear, powerful, and practical action steps that were simpler than she imagined ­– the panic attacks stopped.   And the change she had longed for (and often thought would never happen) began to happen – in ways she never dreamed.

Her story is so powerful that I asked her if she’d be willing to share it with others.  I’m delighted (and proud) to say that she has generously (and courageously) agreed.

I think her story, straight from her mouth, will inspire and empower you as well, <firstname>.  Which is why I’m inviting watch the replay on youtube when she will tell you, in her own words, the transformation she has experienced these past few months ­– all because she STOPPED trying to put on her “big girl panties” and, instead, gave herself the support she needed to claim her power around money.

Because that’s what we all want, right – to feel empowered, confident, peaceful and happy – especially when it comes to money?

You can Watch the replay here –  https://youtu.be/ingDYLm6Pn4