I couldn’t wear shoes for years until… (the answer isn’t one you’d expect)

For several years, I couldn’t wear socks or shoes.  Living in the Midwest where winter lasts for six months (LOL!), this creates QUITE a problem.    

It began mysteriously 20+ years ago when my toes suddenly became red, inflamed, swollen, itchy and hot.   Wearing shoes and socks made it even worse.  When I had to wear them, I would frantically scratch my toes through whatever shoes I was wearing – just to get some relief.

At first I thought it was a skin problem like psoriasis or eczema.   So I tried different lotions, ointments and salve – to no avail.    Next I tried soaking my feet in ice water which gave me temporary relief for a few hours.  Next, I tried soaking them in hot Epsom salt water – with marginal improvement.  I tried fasting and rigorous changes to my diet.

Nothing worked.

To say I felt powerless, frustrated and scared would be an understatement. I also felt embarrassed and inadequate.  

One day my coach (who knew that I had been dealing with this for years) mentioned my problem to a healer she knew.  That healer immediately told my coach that I needed a colonic – actually a series of them.

When my coach told me this, I was really skeptical.  And a little scared.

“Seriously?”  I thought.  “What the heck does getting my colon cleansed have to do with fiery red, hot and itchy toes?”

But I was desperate enough to try anything.  So I found a naturopath in our area who offered colonics and I made an appointment.    And those first colonics offered me the first REAL (and lasting) relief I had had in years!   Between colonics and some other work I did with her to detox my body, my symptoms went away.  I could wear shoes and live a “normal” life again!

The reason I’m sharing this story with you is because you – right now – you might be dealing with some hot, red, itchy toes of your own.   Only it’s not really your toes – it’s your money.  

Like many people I work with, you might be “in the red” and going backwards into debt.  Maybe you are just making ends meet and have little in savings.   Perhaps you are an entrepreneur working your butt off in your business but still aren’t making the money you want and need.  You might even have a great income but it’s still not enough.

And it’s probably been going on for years – just like with me and my red hot toes.

I know because what happened for me with my toes also happened with me around money – beginning 23 years ago when Dan and I racked up a mountain of debt trying to build our network marketing business.  So I know what it’s like to be “in the red” financially.  From my corporate days, I also know what it’s like to have a great income but still not never have enough money – wondering where it all went.   And I have had more years than I like to admit when I’ve worked by butt off in my business but didn’t have the income I wanted and needed.

Years ago, when I couldn’t wear shoes and socks, I thought the problem was my TOES.   But it wasn’t my toes – it was my colon! 

Similarly, for many years, I thought my problem was MONEY.   So I did everything I knew to do to fix my MONEY problem.   Spend less.  Make more.  Work harder.   Work smarter.  Spend more.  Live simply. Follow a budget.  None of it worked – not really.

What I have since learned is that, just like with my toes, the problem wasn’t and isn’t ever really about money.  It’s something else.  It originates elsewhere within me… and within you.

Whatever is going on with you right now with your money that you consider to be a PROBLEM isn’t really a problem – it’s a SYMPTOM.   As long as you think of it as a PROBLEM, you will exert all of your energy fighting against it, hiding it, avoiding it, denying it, trying to get rid of it and fix it.    Which actually just keeps you at the effect of it.

If you want to experience real and lasting healing, you need to do more than address the symptom.   You have to look and take action elsewhere – like me getting a colonic.

What I’ve also learned is that the “money problem” you’ve hated and been trying to get rid of is actually a great GIFT! 

Remember, for a moment, the principle that the internals create the externals.  This makes money an external “mirror” that illuminates your unique path to healing and abundance.

And HEALING is what I want for you.   Not just to get out of debt – but to remain out of debt.  Not just to have enough money to pay your bills – but to have money to enjoy your life with money left over.  To have a business that is profitable and wildly successful. To be able to enjoy your money without fear and without guilt.  To experience abundance with money.

HEALING that empowers you, frees you, and creates joy and peace in your life.

And isn’t that what you want as well?

Assuming your answer is “yes”, then trying to get there by just dealing with money isn’t going to work for you any more than soaking my feet worked for my hot, red itchy toes.   The REAL healing will come by looking elsewhere… by addressing your efforts elsewhere.    Perhaps even the place you least expect!!!

Does this sound like the approach that you’ve been looking for – even though you didn’t know it?

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As you consider my invitation, please remember that  I was super skeptical when I was told to get a colonic.  But I was desperate and frustrated and scared enough to give it a try.  And it worked.  

What if the same just might be true for you?

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Blessings and MUCH gratitude~