About Teresa Romain

About Teresa Romain…

Well, since that’s me… let’s drop the formalities and let me simply tell you a little bit about myself.  🙂

My Story… (a.k.a. why I’m
wearing these funny glasses)

Let me begin by WARNING you.  I’m a story teller.  Perhaps it’s my Irish heritage or a part of my personality that I inherited from my dad – but I love to tell stories.  As such, I have been called “verbose” and “dramatic” more than once in my life! 🙂

But since you may not like L—-O—N—G stories, I’ve decided to tell my story here with you in sections – so you can choose.

  • If you want the shortest version of “My Story” I can tell, you can go straight to it .
  • If, however, you most want to know why I’m wearing these funny glasses, you can get the answer to that question here.
  • If you want to know even more about me and my journey – and how my journey led me to where I am today,  then just keep on reading and you’ll get the REST of the story here (which, just so you know, is not REALLY the rest of my story – just the “highlights” and a few “lowlights” as well).
  • And if you simply want to know what I do with my life when I’m not being an “abundance coach” – you can do that here .

The [kind of] SHORT Version of My Story…

In other words, what led me to start my business – Access Abundance! – and become a trainer, speaker and coach?

The shortest answer I can give to that is two-part…

  1. I came to be teaching about abundance through the quagmire of my own scarcity and
  2. I could be the poster child of the expression “you teach best what you most need to learn yourself”.

Now, I realize – that’s a pretty SHORT story… in fact, it’s probably the shortest answer to a question you’ll ever get from me!  LOL!

So let me add at least a few details…

Let me just add that It was my own personal experience of scarcity (financial and in other forms) that first propelled me into an intense process of personal growth and development (that I continue to this day) and to study principles of prosperity and success.  It’s also what had me look for different – more prosperous – ways of thinking about, making and managing money.

Ironically, it’s my experience of scarcity that has allowed me to so powerfully support the thousands of people I’ve worked with since I began Access Abundance! in 1996.  And that’s because you and I cannot fully access and experience abundance in our lives until and unless we recognize, transform and release the scarcity beliefs and patterns that BLOCK our prosperity.

And that’s what I’m really good at.  Helping you recognize and then reclaim your power from the scarcity that is sabotaging you in life – including financially.

That being said, please know that I haven’t got it all figured out – I haven’t got my act together.  I do not live a life that is “scarcity-free”.  🙂

Rather, I continue to learn and grow and PRACTICE the same principles I teach and, in the process, am able to become more prosperous.   In the process, I encounter scarcity beliefs and patterns I never dreamed I had – and could only discover through my continuing commitment to my own process.  And I learn as much about scarcity and prosperity from the people I work with (or even more!) as they learn from me!

Please understand – I also have all sorts of training and experiences I draw upon when I design my programs and work with individuals (including my education in Business and Theology, corporate sales experience, network marketing and direct selling experience, training as a Coach in Life Planning as well as Spiritual Direction – all combined with a lifelong love of learning from books, workshops, etc.).

But what makes me most effective is the experience I’ve had in being able to see what blocks or limits people (maybe you?) and, with that awareness, to show and help them discover the OPENING to access and experience abundance more fully in their lives.

All of which leads me to the above picture…    

Why I’m Wearing Those Funny Red Glasses…

Rather than TELL you why I’m wearing these funny red glasses and what they have to do with your ability to experience abundance in your life,  I decided to SHOW you with this video.

The Rest of the Story…

(a.k.a. My “Quagmire of Scarcity”…)

(a.k.a. How Access Abundance came to be…)

Once upon a time, I thought that I fell into a “quagmire” of scarcity the year after I got married.  I now know I was mired in scarcity long before that.  For most of my life, I wore subconscious and “internal” red-lensed glasses and saw everything – what I did, what others did, what I had, who I was as “not enough”.

(Again, most of the time it was subconscious – I didn’t realize it.  In fact, I actually thought that “not enoughing” myself was somehow going to motivate me… BIG mistake!)

My story actually begins at my first birthday party – when I turned one.  But that’s WAY beyond the scope of this page.  Some day I may share that part of my story in one of my blog posts.

I’m going to start my story about 20 years ago before I got married – when  I was living in Chicago and working in the corporate world.  I was in sales and had a GREAT income as well as a flexible and independent schedule – all of which I loved.  But after seven years, I no longer liked my job – especially in light of recent changes.   I wanted to do something that would make more of a difference in people’s lives – I just didn’t know what that could be that would still afford me a great income and nice lifestyle.

Until I met Dan and he introduced me to the world of network marketing. As I saw it, joining forces with him and building a network marketing business was my ticket out of my corporate job.   But being full-time in corporate sales and the typical Chicago commute did not provide much time to build my business.   And besides, Dan and I didn’t want to stay in Chicago.

So we moved to Minnesota (where I am originally from and where all of my family still lived), bought a house and decided we would build our network marketing business full-time.  We were confident that if only we had “enough time” – we could build up a nice income from our business within a year.  In the meantime, we would live off of our savings and investments.

Fast-forward one year and our business had not grown “exponentially” as we had anticipated – which meant our income hadn’t either. The only thing that had grown “exponentially” was our debt.  Our savings and investments were gone and we were racking up debt faster than you can say “quagmire”.

I denied it was happening for as long as I could.  When I finally started to face it, Dan and I argued about how to handle the debt.  I said we just had to make more money.  He said we had to cut back our spending.  That felt like deprivation to me so I balked.  I now realize that we were both right AND we were both wrong.  Just making more money would not solve our problem.  Nor would only cutting back expenses.

But it took me several years – and more debt – before I learned that.  Even longer before I actually started practicing it.

So – in the midst of all of this – I remember realizing that there had to be something I was “missing” or didn’t know.  I prayed that God would help us.   A few days later, the first of many “answers” came in the mail.  It was a marketing letter for an educational program for getting out of debt called The Debt-Free & Prosperous Living Course  by John Cummuta.  It cost $69.

Dan didn’t want to buy it – he just saw it as me continuing to spend money we didn’t have.  I’m SO glad that I listened to my intuition on this one – because that course profoundly impacted the direction my life would take from that point forward.

Because a month or so after getting that course and starting to apply it in my own life, I received a letter saying I could be “licensed” to teach the debt-free system to others.  And I JUMPED on the chance!

And that, ultimately, is how Access Abundance! began – with me teaching people a simple and powerful system for getting out of debt quickly and powerfully.   I still teach that system today – along with the classes and programs that have evolved as I have continued to learn and grow on my own Journey of Abundance.

But I’ve also learned that experiencing abundance and fulfillment in life is about more than money and getting out of debt.  It’s about releasing the habits & beliefs we have about ourselves and abundance – it’s about opening ourselves to the experience of abundance in our lives.

I’ve needed to do this for myself and I’ve watched the clients I’ve worked with go through this same process.  Which is why the programs and products I have offered over the years have expanded and changed – and why they always will.  Because I continue to learn and grow – and I continue to incorporate my learning and experiences in what I share and offer you.

And then there’s the rest of my life…

“What,” you may ask, “do I do when I’m not working in my business or with my clients?”

Well, that will depend on any given day you ask – because it keeps changing.   And I’m starting to like it that way.

First, I live on a little more than four acres in a rural area near Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin – and it is, for me and my husband, Dan , our little piece of heaven!

We have a HUGE organic vegetable garden that keeps us busy spring, summer and fall – as does our apple orchard and the artesian spring-fed pond loaded with catfish, bass, bluegills, frogs, toads and even a few snapping turtles!

The farmhouse we live in is tiny (1000 square feet at best) and old (it was finished in April, 1865 – the same month Abraham Lincoln was shot!).  But it’s home!

I love to walk, run and bike along our rural country roads – with my binoculars and camera at the ready to get up-close looks and photos of the area wildlife, especially the sandhill cranes that I absolutely LOVE!

I love to cook (eat too!) and especially love teaching people how eating healthy food (REALLY healthy food) can be fun and taste great!  I’m a natural health enthusiast (Dan is actually trained as a naturopath)  – which is yet another example of “I teach best what I most needed to learn myself” at work in my life.

I’m also just finishing my second year in a three-year program training me to be a Spiritual Director – which is allowing me to more fully express the passion for God and spirituality I have always had (and led to me studying theology when I was in college).

I love to read and I LOVE old classic movies (give me Cary Grant, Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn any day!)  –  but then, I like a lot of movies (as long as they are not too scary or violent or tense).  And I LOVE watching the Academy Awards every year – that is one time each year when I TRULY become a “couch potato” and just take it all in!   I’ve even managed to get Dan to enjoy them too – although not nearly as much as me!

I’m a former athlete (tennis, basketball, track, softball, golf, skiing) who has let that part of who I am atrophy… so lately I’ve been reclaiming that part of me  and gettng myself back into shape so I can start playing again in some way!

Oh – and one thing people often don’t realize about me.  I love to do nothing… just be still and silent… maybe journal but often just sit and be still (especially in the early morning hours watching the sunrise.)  That’s when I can most connect with myself and God – and, often, when I feel the most abundant.

So – now that you know ALL there is to know about me (and maybe more than you wanted!), I hope I get the chance to get to know you as well in one of my upcoming events !



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