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A note of introduction from Teresa Romain, President & Founder: 

As I was writing the content for the various pages on this website, I thought for quite a while about what to write on this “About” page.   You might have expected me to simply tell you ABOUT me and my story.  (I did that here .)

But Access Abundance! is NOT me.  While it reflects me and gives me an opportunity to learn and grow and express myself by sharing my gifts, talents and experiences with you, Access Abundance! Inc. is NOT me.  It is the business I first founded in 1996 to support YOU to live abundantly.

It is also much more than a business.  As I have come to realize over the years, Access Abundance! is also an approach to life, a way of living, a philosophy or spirituality that  supports you to live abundantly.    It is this underlying philosophy and approach to life and abundance that you will find described throughout this website.

Which is why – on this “About Us” page – I have decided to share with you the story of the BUSINESS of Access Abundance! and how it came to be.  It is, in part, my story.  But it is also the story of the thousands of people I have had the privilege of supporting throughout the years.  And rather than write up something new to describe us, I have decided to share with you the story that I first wrote in 2004 – six years after I began this company.

Much like the philosophy upon which everything I do and teach rests, the heart of this story has not changed.   Classes and programs I offer have and will.  The principles I teach and the way I teach them changes as I learn and grow and improve.  But the initial idea and motivation for creating Access Abundance! in 1996 is the same as it was when I first wrote this story in 2004.  And so I share it with you here – pretty much unchanged.

And now…without further delay… here is….

The Access Abundance! Story

Access Abundance!™   was born before I completed my first-ever money management seminar in the Fall of 1996.  I went to the seminar hoping to learn the things about managing money I had never learned and hoping it would take away some of the fears and anxiety I had about money, my life and my financial future.

While I learned about some “mechanics” of money management that day – nothing I learned inspired me to change. I sensed it was the same for most everyone else in the room. Instead of being excited, they were bored. Instead of having fun, they were tense and serious and cautious – and some were afraid or ashamed or embarrassed. Instead of leaving motivated and eager to take action, I watched people leave slowly – as if they were tired and overwhelmed at the prospect. I heard comments like “I know we HAVE to do this, but it isn’t going to be fun…” and “we’ve got a difficult, long road ahead of us.”

I wanted to stand on a table in the seminar room and scream out to every one… “WAIT! It doesn’t have to be this way! There has to be another way!”

And it was finding that “other way” for myself that, ultimately, led me to start the company I named Access Abundance! Inc.

Bottom line, that’s what Access Abundance!™ is and has always been about, i.e., showing you “other ways”  of thinking and acting that empower you to experience abundance instead of scarcity in all areas of your life, including money – ways that support you to live abundantly.

And it’s not the just the information and “mechanics” we teach you that is most valuable.  It’s HOW we teach you.  It’s the support we give you.  It’s the inspiration, the challenge, the learning and growth and satisfaction you’ll experience when you participate in any of our workshops and teleclasses.

This is a place where you can come to be heard, understood, accepted, supported and empowered through the transformational process of abundance.  Where you can discover the doorway OUT of unnecessary struggle and INTO the Abundance where you belong.  This is a place where it’s safe for you to learn and grow and take the steps necessary to access more abundance in all areas of your life – including monetarily. 

Jody is a graduate of some of our teleclasses.  When she tells people about Access Abundance!™, she tells them how we have touched her life in so many areas – career, finances, health, relationships, fun and fulfillment. She tells them how she got out of the “rat race” in her life because of what she learned in our programs AND how they gave her hope during a time when she had none.

Besa excitedly tells people how she paid off over $42,000 in debt in two and a half years and has tripled her income in the  three years – all as a result of the tools she learned and support she received in our programs combined with individual coaching from Teresa.

Tim, another former client, still tells people of ” the 1,000 pound weight of guilt and fear that was lifted off his shoulders around money, finances, and his ability to be a good provider for his family.”

Deb & Dave have both participated in several of our teleclasses and workshops.  If you ask Deb about Access Abundance!™ she’ll probably tell you about the 30+ years where the financial stuff was really tough and painful for the two of them.   And then she’ll talk about the transformation they’ve experienced as a result of what they’ve learned through our programs.  She’ll probably have tears in her eyes and a huge grin on her face as she talks about how they have developed a sense of financial confidence, clarity and peace of mind – how they have developed a new, more empowering and fulfilling relationship with money AND with each other.

And Robin tells people how we radically changed her viewpoint of money and abundance and how her life today is less stressful – how she feels freer, is having more fun, and is in action pursuing her dreams and passions.

And that’s our story.  It’s how Access Abundance! Inc. came to be and what it’s about.  Our mission is to be a catalyst for growth and to support you and everyone on this planet to live abundantly.


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