Workshops & Teleclasses


Here’s a quick description of the LIVE workshops currently being offered to support you to grow and thrive in all areas of your life  – financially, emotionally and spiritually.

And if you want to see a quick schedule of these events, you can do so here .

  • Claim Your Money Power! LIVE workshop   For many intelligent, talented and powerful women and men, money is like that dark, dirty, depressing basement that you know you need to clean up, organize and stop avoiding – yet when you think about doing something about it, you feel overwhelmed or inadequate for the task.   All that will change at this workshop.  You will leave this workshop with an increased sense of clarity, confidence and freedom around money PLUS concrete tools you can use to claim your money power and start living the life you want to live!  Learn more & reserve your seat>>>
  • Breakthrough Abundance-LIVE!   This three-day, ONCE-A-YEAR, “immersion experience” is part seminar, part workshop, part retreat and part something that’s impossible to describe – other than to say that you will experience one or more BREAKTHROUGHS in the thoughts, beliefs and patterns that impact your relationship with money, yourself and the Source of All Abundance.  Learn more and reserve your seat


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