We’ve Got It All Wrong….

Believe, I don’t say “we’ve got it all wrong” lightly.  I don’t know about you, but I HATE admitting that I’m wrong and far too often “fight to be right” about little and large things.   And that pattern of “fighting to be right” creates all sorts of unnecessary struggle and scarcity in my life.

(While I don’t say it lightly, I also don’t want to be presumptive.  Perhaps you don’t.  Perhaps you already “get” what I’m about to write about.  In which case, this will affirm you.   I’m writing this because I know I have had it WRONG for a really long time – and so have many of the clients I’ve worked with these past 20 years.)

And what we’ve gotten all wrong is simply this.Oxygen Mask Not Needed

We think of Abundance as something separate from us.  And if it’s something separate from us, then that means we don’t have it.  And if we don’t have it, then we have to take action to “get” it.

And that is no more accurate than to think that oxygen is something separate from us. Oxygen is not only all AROUND us, it is WITHIN us.  It is part of who we are.

We don’t do anything to create this oxygen that gives us life.  And, LIFE, my friend is Abundance.  We simply open our lungs when we inhale and receive this oxygen.  Then we exhale by opening our to release carbon dioxide which gives life to the world around us.

And so it is with with Abundance.   We are part of it – it is around us and within us.  

Far too often, we think that what we need to do in order to experience abundance is to “fix” or “get rid of” our scarcity patterns.   But in doing so, we continue to focus on scarcity – not Abundance.

I know – because I’ve operated like this for most of my life.  In truth, I’ve taught this very same thing in my classes and workshops for nearly 20 years now.   I’ve created programs that help people discover their BLOCKS instead of their ABUNDANCE.   I have hundreds (maybe thousands) of clients who are VERY aware of their scarcity patterns who are still struggling in scarcity unnecessarily.   (Truth be told, I’m becoming more and more aware of the ways I am still doing this myself!)campfire2

But this is where we’ve got it backwards. You don’t keep a fire burning by removing wood.  Rather, you ADD wood to the fire that has already been lit.    Similarly, the way to access and experience abundance is to SEE and build upon the Abundance that is already there – the “fire of Abundance” that’s already around us and within us.  It has always has been and will always be – we need only see it, inhale it, allow it to flow and grow.

I’m clear that this might seem counter-intuitive.  After all, don’t we need to remove whatever is blocking us from seeing and experiencing Abundance?

YES, all of us DO have beliefs and patterns that limit us, have us struggle unnecessarily and leave us feeling “not enough”, inadequate, powerless and/or “left out”.  These beliefs have us “hold our breath” or only take short, shallow breaths.   These beliefs and patterns can become to our ability to access Abundance what asthma can be to someone trying to breathe deeply.   What I’ve come to realize – at deeper and deeper levels – is that the process of accessing Abundance is less about removing our blocks and more about releasing them and the power they’ve held over us.

Releasing them is what we do because we recognize that those beliefs and patterns are not congruent with who we are (i.e., already Abundant) nor do they give us life.  For example, if you have asthma AND think  that asthma is part of who you are and your natural state of health, you will do little to try to get to the root of what is causing your asthma. You will “live with it” and us an inhaler when you need to.   You will not see if dietary changes or supplements or eliminating chemical toxins in their home will improve your ability to breath and overall health.   You would only take these actions if you believed that your body’s natural state is one of health and that something was interrupting that natural state and creating the symptom called “asthma”.   By releasing those foods, toxins, etc. that are causing your asthma, you would return to (or reclaim) your natural state of health.

Single CandleConsider one more metaphor as I attempt to describe the profound internal shift I’ve experienced recently.  If you were in a cave surrounded by darkness, feeling afraid and unable to see your way, would you try to get rid of the darkness or would you light a candle or turn on a flashlight?

Of course, you would light a candle or turn on a light – an action that, simultaneously, diminished the darkness!   And with the light of that one candle or flashlight, you could then look through your belongings to find other lights you could turn on.  And the more light you turned on, the better you would be able to move forward – through the darkness.   With the light, the darkness would no longer have as much power over you – it would not stop you.

It’s been both a humbling AND exhilarating realization that I’ve missed this subtle and yet so profound distinction for so long.   Mostly, it’s exhilarating and energizing as I embrace this shift.   For example, for the past five years, I have offered a workshop each September called Unblocked & Thriving.  (Guess what we focused on during much of that workshop?  Yep – the blocks!)

Not this year.  This year it has a new name, a new focus, a new message and new focus.  Check it out!

Accessing Abundance is not about “getting” something you don’t have or that is separate from you – nor is it about getting rid of scarcity. It’s a process of RECLAIMING what’s always been there – within you and around you. It’s a process of RECLAIMING your abundance!

  • Beate

    I love your article, Theresa. It so much resonates with me. The metaphor with the cave and the candle explains it so wonderful. Thank you for reminding me of this truth.