Take THIS Step!

I have to admit that I woke up this morning feeling more than a little overwhelmed and anxious.  My mind was racing with all I need to do and wondering how I would do it.   The more my mind raced in this way thinking (of course!) that I don’t have enough time or I won’t be able to do it all, the more tense I became.

How I turned that is around is what I’ve decided to share today.  I hope practicing it will support you as much as it has me today.

The first thing I did this morning may seem counterproductive.  Instead of hurrying into my office and jumping into the work I need and want to do, I went outside and sat down.  And I just sat there – breathing in the fresh air, noticing the birds, trees, flowers, hearing and connecting with the “Silence underneath” everything in nature.   I used that silence to “tune into” the Silence that is within me – that was getting lost in the “noise” of my racing mind.

I sat outside… BREATHING and BEING… for a long time.  When I finally felt that the knot of fear and rush and worry in me had loosened and I was more relaxed, centered and present to myself and the moment… only then did I go into my office to begin work.

Then I took THIS step.  No longer focused on ALL the things I needed to do and all the steps I needed to take, I focused on a particular step.  The step right in front of me.  For me, that was opening up a new Word doc to begin to create a flyer for an event I’ll be co-facilitating in October.   I worked on it for about an hour – nothing else.   Then it was time for me to take a different step – my 10:00 a.m. phone appointment.  And while I was on that call, that was all I did.

When it was done, I had been sitting in my office staring at my computer for more than two hours.  I needed to shift my energy.  I needed to get up and move, to refresh myself before doing more.  In that moment, the step before me was to go outside and take a walk.

Since then, I’ve completed other things, had lunch, connected with my husband and now I’m writing this post.  All while still feeling relaxed and present… staying in this moment, taking the step that’s in front me, one step at a time.

I’ve accomplished some of what I wanted for today… and there’s still more to do.  But I’ll be honest.  If I had rushed into my office and started working right away this morning, I probably would have more done than I do.  But I’d also be more tense and tired.  I’m not sure that the work I did would have been as effective.  And I wouldn’t be enjoying my life today nearly as much.

And isn’t ENJOYING LIFE as important for your abundance as getting a whole bunch of things done?

Assuming you answered “YES” to that question, now it’s your turn to practice.

Today, STOP when you most think you don’t have time.  To quiet down and slow down.  And then to take action ONE step at a time, being in the moment, focusing only the step in front of you.   Enjoying the process.    Notice what you experience as a result.   As always, I’d love to hear your insights, questions, comments and/or experience if you’d like to share them below.

Enjoy THIS moment and THIS step as well as your week!