Get Out of Dodge!

The past few months have been incredibly busy – such is the norm in the Spring here at our farmhouse.  Between taking care of our four acres (who knew grass could grow so fast?) to preparing and planting our garden, Dan and I have been working our butt off in our “spare time”.

And despite this, a couple of weekends ago it seemed like we weren’t moving fast enough.  Our seedlings weren’t planted because the garden was still too filled with weeds.   And because we hadn’t had rain for awhile, the process of weeding was going incredibly slow.   Of course, it didn’t slow down the weeds!

We couldn’t keep up with or get ahead.  And in the process of spending so much time OUTSIDE, we weren’t taking care of the INSIDE things that needed our attention.

Thus, on a beautiful Sunday which would have been perfect for making lots of progress in our garden, we took a counter-intuitive action – one I’m choosing to share with you today.

We “got out of Dodge!”   

I think that’s an old expression from Western books or movies, I’m not sure.

But that’s exactly what we did on that Sunday – a cool yet sunny day after we had had some rain.   My head told me that we needed to stay and work most of the day in the garden.  The  conditions were perfect and we could make SO much progress.   Besides, it was supposed to rain on Monday and Tuesday – so this was our ONLY day.

But we were both tired -physically, mentally, emotionally.  We felt no joy about working in our garden that day.  (Remember, our garden is optional – it’s not a job or business.)   My head told me one thing – but my body and spirit told  me another.Everywhere we looked – outside and in – we saw things that weren’t done and “needed” to be.  We felt overwhelmed. Which, of course, is reason to get to work, right?

Wrong!  We did exactly the opposite.  We got out of Dodge.  We drove to Madison, went to lunch 23 Mar 2005, Hawaii, Hawaii, USA --- Hilly Road --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbisand did some grocery shopping.  We changed venues and, in so doing, we came back home to the same reality with a new perspective.   Instead of pushing through, we spent the day relaxing and re-creating and, in so doing, returned home renewed.

As it turned out, it did NOT rain on Monday.  It was another perfect day for working outside.  And I naturally woke up at 5:00 ready and eager to get out in the garden before I went into my office.   And I’m pretty clear that I got more done in my relaxed and renewed state that Monday morning than I ever would have accomplished had I pushed myself to work all day Sunday. And that same energy and productivity came with me into my office that day – and the “inside” things I finally got done.
Amazing, isn’t it?

Sometimes, you need to “get out of Dodge” for an hour, partial day or whole day!   Pushing and pressing through imbalance, exhaustion, overwhelm, pressure isn’t the “abundant” response as often as we might think. A change of venue and a change of pace can often do more to support us to

Any chance you need to have faith and “get out of Dodge” for an hour or more this week?    How can and will you practice this in your life? And do you have any questions you want to ask or comments you want to share about this

As always, I’d love to hear!   Just add you comments below.

  • Mary Erbele

    This is so true, Teresa! Everywhere I look there is something that needs fixing, organizing, changing, maintaining. It never ends! But I like that you reminded me to not keep pushing myself when I feel out-of-balance or negative. Thank you!

    • You’re right Mary! There will always be something that could be done – maybe even needs to be done. (But they probably don’t “need” to be done as often as we think.) But PUSHING, I have come to believe, comes from FEAR… which is the emotion of scarcity. Which means PUSHING (in this out-of-balance, fear-based way) does not support us to PROSPER.. even if we do get the things done, we don’t enjoy the process. Which means we’ve spent the last 30 minutes, 3 hours or 3 days not enjoying our life. Which is really kind of sad…