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  • Are you stressed and worried about money… even though you earn a good income?
  • Do you avoid dealing with money as much as possible – trusting (or hoping!) that it will take care of itself?
  • Do your credit card and bank account balances have you feeling more than a little scared and vulnerable?
  • Despite the fact that you’re a smart, talented and competent person in so many areas of your life – does it feel like just the opposite is true when it comes to money?

For many intelligent, talented and powerful women and men, money is like the “boogey man” – a scary monster that keeps you awake at night, anxious (or angry!) about the future – feeling alone,  vulnerable, stressed, embarrassed and ashamed.  If this sounds like you, then money has your power – and it’s stopping you from living the life you want to live.  

Which is EXACTLY what this workshop will help you begin to do.   Just like a loving parent will turn on the light for a child who is afraid of the dark, this workshop will help you turn the light on when it comes to your relationship with money.  

At this workshop, you will… 

  • Recognize your primary Money Personality and how it influences your money choices and results – so that you can confidently make simple shifts that have you experience financial ease and well-being
  • Establish a 7-part framework for using your money that creates financial wealth and well-being
  • Have six established money beliefs so that the way you think about money encourages financial success;
  • Leave with six simple “power practices” that result in you having greater clarity and abundance with your money

When you attend this workshop, you’ll discover that money isn’t the overwhelming, uncontrollable or scary monster you thought it was – money is actually your friend.

You will leave this workshop with an increased sense of clarity, confidence and freedom around money PLUS concrete tools you can use to claim your money power so you can experience freedom, ease and abundance in your life!      


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I am eager to give you the tools and self-understanding that will empower you to transform your relationship with money to one that includes freedom, peace of mind, plenty AND ease!  

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$99 per person

Early Bird Tuition of $69 end 12/31/17!

Saturday, January 20th  9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
The Country Inn & Suites

3035 Holiday Lane in Eagan, Minnesota
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Saturday, January 27th  9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Holiday Inn Express & Suites – Madison Central

610 John Nolan Drive in Madison, Wisconsin
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