Claim Your Money Power Coaching – Overview2

Claim Your Money Power!  is a 16-week individual coaching program supporting you to have the financial clarity and skills that empower you to be debt-FREE, have plenty of money in the bank, and be competent and confident with your money. Experience more freedom, peace of mind and abundance in your life.

Module One:  The Power of Clarity

Embrace a new understanding of wealth and have a system for maintaining financial clarity so you can make better choices with your money.  Have a set of new beliefs that support the financial success you want.

Module Two: The Power of Gratitude

Develop and enjoy a daily practice of deepening gratitude and have a mindset that is open to greater abundance.

Module Three:  The Power of a Plan

Have an Abundance Plan to give you freedom and peace of mind; a systematic plan for becoming debt-FREE; a simple tool for choosing how to best spend your money and, finally, an action plan for adding to your income to more quickly achieve your goals.

Module Four: The Power of Vision

Have a vision that energizes and empowers you to move through challenges, be debt-FREE and enjoy your life.

Module Five:  The Power of Consistency

Have the tools and support to utilize what you’ve learned going  forward – confident in your ability to enjoy freedom, ease and abundance  with your money.


Throughout this program, you will have the acceptance and support you need to release any feelings of embarrassment, inadequacy, fear or frustration and embrace your power, creativity, intelligence and competency with money. You will feel encouraged, empowered and confident as you take action and experience freedom and abundance – with your money and in your life.

5 Modules of Learning over 16 weeks

  • Includes the materials, videos, worksheets and support tools you’ll use throughout this program

20 hours of individual and customized coaching consisting of

  • 12 weeks with one 60-minute coaching call each week
  • 4 weeks with two 60-minute coaching calls each week

Frequent check-in emails to hear what’s happening with you and to support and encourage as you take the actions steps required of you

24-month Access to the Online Resource Center so you can continue to review and use what you’ve learned after the program ends

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