Claim Your Money Power Coaching – 2

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  • Are you stressed and worried about money… even though you earn a good income?
  • Are you frustrated because you are working your butt off but still don’t have the money you want?
  • Do you have more debt than you feel comfortable with?   
  • Despite the fact that you’re a smart, talented and capable woman in so many areas of your life – does it feel like just the opposite is true when it comes to money?

For many intelligent, talented and powerful women and men, money is like that dark, dirty, depressing basement that you know you need to clean up, organize and stop avoiding – yet when you think about doing something about it, you feel overwhelmed or inadequate for the task.  So you keep putting it off – and things get worse.

  • Have the financial clarity that empowers you to make better choices with your money
  • Become debt-FREE and stay debt-FREE while still having money to spend on things you truly enjoy
  • Have the peace of mind that comes from having money in the bank for unexpected expenses and special events
  • Have a set of beliefs that encourage you to prosper financially 
  • Have a mindset that opens you to greater abundance 
  • Transform your relationship with money to one of freedom, ease and abundance 

When you’ve completed this program, you will feel confident and competent about managing your money.   That’s because in this program you will discover that you have within you all that you need to turn your finances around and prosper financially.  

This coaching program will support you to transform your relationship with money from one of fear to one of power, from one of lack to one of abundance.  You will receive the practical tools, self-understanding and emotional guidance you need to establish a new and healthy relationship with money – one that supports you to live the life you want.    You will be accepted, encouraged and supported at as you take each step of this empowering, transformational journey.

All you need to do is say “Enough!”  and mean it.  

All you have to do is say “YES!” to having freedom, ease and abundance with your money.

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