What Do YOU Want?

“What do you want?” my coach, Pat Honiotes, asked. There was a long pause.   Finally I said, “I don’t know.  I truly don’t know.” I sighed with the realization. Because even if it was the “wrong” answer, it was the truth.  (Which, BTW, makes it the “right” answer.) And just then a little voice inside […] Read more »

I HAVE to get it done first…

THEN I can relax… (This article was first published in October, 2010) It was a Tuesday morning about a year ago – the Tuesday before my 3-day Breakthrough Abundance – LIVE! workshop in Minnesota.   For the first time in 9 years of doing these kind of workshops, I was actually going to drive up to […] Read more »

But I don’t like chocolate!

(a.k.a. The truth that set me free.) (This reflection was originally published in July, 2010) Picture this. A strawberry blonde, freckle-faced six-year old with pigtails in the school lunchroom.  And it’s the one day a week that chocolate milk is served. Reason for celebration? For most kids, yes.  But not for this particular first grader. […] Read more »

Weeds, Weeds, Weeds – They’re Everywhere!

(This reflection was first published in Spring 2010) Actually, that’s no longer true.  After spending eight hours on Saturday and three hours on Sunday weeding our 2000 square foot vegetable garden – they’re no longer EVERYWHERE! But they were at 6:00 this past Saturday morning! And – as I hope the picture I took conveys […] Read more »