We’ve Got It All Wrong….

Believe, I don’t say “we’ve got it all wrong” lightly.  I don’t know about you, but I HATE admitting that I’m wrong and far too often “fight to be right” about little and large things.   And that pattern of “fighting to be right” creates all sorts of unnecessary struggle and scarcity in my life. (While I […] Read more »

What Are You Hanging Onto?

Today I felt prompted to share a story that is both resonating with and challenging me as we approach the New Year.  A client introduced it to me MANY years ago and, while I don’t know the author, I hope you will find it well worth reading and that it will inspire and support you […] Read more »

Do you see the beauty in YOU?

(This post was originally written for my weekly newsletter in April, 2012) This week I  want to share an experience I had this week… and from it ask you a question or two for you to reflect upon.   And I’m going to jump right in…   It happened Monday.  All weekend I had been out […] Read more »

Hungry On the Couch

As you will discover when you watch this (my FIRST) video blog, I’ve had a “tumultuous” past few days which led to some pretty powerful realizations that I wanted to share with you… so you, too, realize how abundant your life already is.   My realizations are also a “call to action” – for me and […] Read more »