The Access Abundance!™ Vision…
for You, Me & the World

Note from Teresa:  This vision, as written, was first given to me as a gift of inspiration and clarity in the Spring of 1998.  The words  flowed onto the page with very little thought or intellectual input by me. I did not edit it then nor have  I changed a word of it since.  It is just as powerful (and needed) today. It needs no further explanation.  I hope and pray that you will join me in both envisioning  and taking action toward what it describes so that, together, we can make this vision a reality – in small or large ways.



we can create a world
in which lifelong patterns of scarcity have
been replaced with whole, complete, and lasting abundance.

As this occurs, as the consciousness and experience of
abundance throughout the world expands,
the world – as we now know it – will cease to exist.

Hunger will be replaced with plenty,
anger will be replaced with love,
greed with gratitude,
hoarding with sharing.

Thousands of additional men, women, and children
without access to the abundance available to us in western society –
will prosper physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

It begins with you and with me
and will expand to impact millions of people over the course of our lifetime.

We cannot and must not delay.

Delay will only increase the scarcity present in the world today.
Delay will continue patterns on this planet that have people
be limited in their dreams, their purpose, their contribution –
limited by what is perceived to be a lack of abundance.

There is never lack of abundance –
there are only the limitations we create on
our ability to achieve, have, embrace, and access it.

The time has come for you, me, and the world to
Access Abundance!

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